Begin Again

Palm Beach, Floria

Back in 2010, I built a website, a blog and a business. At the time, I used my website to display photoshoots for my then clients and used it as my portfolio to commission more jobs.  I remember dreaming of it morphing into something—great, something bigger. I remember telling my family—I want to tell the story behind the business, behind the brand, the story of the farmer, on the farm and in their comfortable and natural state and so on.  I never got to that point—I produced imagery, but never had a place for it to live.  Years later, I winded up closing my photography business and my blog all together and instead focused on my career in Coconut Grove. Never seeing I could have both.  See—I'm the type to go all in. Once I'm committed, that's it.  I'll fight and be loyal to that commitment for as long as I am lucky to have it.

Now, years later, it's time that I focus on both—my career and my passion projects.  And I am pretty excited to dive in. 

So, I used to love to write.  Everything I thought and felt—it was somewhere on paper. Truly, I have too many journals to count.  In the shower, on long runs, and on even longer flights, I have so many thoughts or I've had so many conversations with people in my life—ya know, those eureka moments and when you say—"I never want to forget this."  Lately, it's been happening more and more. "Write it down, print those photos, put it in a book. Don't forget. Hold onto it forever." (Super dramatic I know.) So, now it's time to create a place for it all to live. 

Through the years, I thought of way too many blog names and bought way too many domains. One of the names, I've been more serious about has been "roots and memories" and even though, it feels right, something is missing.  I recently bought a dictionary with my co-worker Brittney that I pick up and read every chance I get, hoping to find words that are impactful, ones I resonate with, words that describe this journey I'm on.  So far no luck.  But, I have faith that in time—whether in conversation, in a book I will read, or maybe a blog post I will one day write, it will come and I'll just know. But, until that moment happens, Jackie Segedin, it is.  So original I know. 

Perfect little Saturday and place to write my first blog post! :)

Perfect little Saturday and place to write my first blog post! :)

Another motivation to begin a blog comes from the massive community of super talented storytellers and bloggers on social media.  (Mostly food bloggers, but also Mommy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and so on.) I luckily get to talk to these amazing people all over the country everyday and every time I get on the phone with them— my favorite question to ask is "How did this all begin?"  A lot of bloggers have similar stories, but the details or timeline are a bit different. Most usually say–I just began because I wanted to share my story and life with my family and friends and it snowballed and morphed into this.  Serendipity? Fate? Good luck? Maybe, but I believe it's hard and passionate work! Never giving up. Consistency producing work and content even if no one is reading or liking a post.  You keep going, you master your craft and you don't give up and that's how they make it into a career. 

There is nothing you can’t achieve with time, attention, and effort.
— —James Shelton, Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

What propels me to initially reach out to certain bloggers—is seeing their passion shine through their work, feeling inspired by their written and visual content that comes naturally to them.  Also, sometimes it just feels right. I can visualize our maker's cooking ingredients and condiments living in their pantry and in mixing bowls all whisked up with their passion to tell a story.  Sometimes, from the outside looking in, it just fits before even hopping on the phone.  Sometimes it's intuition.  

Beach bloggin'

Beach bloggin'

So, I'm just going to start. I have no idea what it will become but that's the fun in it.  I'm starting this journey because I've always wanted to.  I'm starting because I have way too many photos—unseen and lost inside my phone needed to be shared in this virtual world. I'm starting because I'm still trying to figure it all out.  I'm starting because I want to remember.  I'm starting because I am passionate and inspired about creating content—specifically visual content. I'm starting because it's better to start and move forward, then stand still and one day look back on lost time.