Balsamic Glaze on Everything

Looking for any excuse to use this balsamic glaze we found at  @marczykfinefoods  ! Plus, poaching eggs just got easier thanks to  @thekitchn 🙌🏻

Looking for any excuse to use this balsamic glaze we found at @marczykfinefoods ! Plus, poaching eggs just got easier thanks to @thekitchn🙌🏻

So many life changes happened since May 16th! And I promise, I will chronologically fill you in ASAP! But, before I go there, lets go here! 

On my last trip to Denver, CO to see my boyfriend, he brought me to the most incredible grocery store called Marczyk - Fine Foods, where they carry a ton of local purveyors and small batch artisanal ingredients and condiments across the country and I instantly fell in love given my background and experience with Hatchery.  I've always been a sucker for balsamic glaze, but never found one that made me scream from the rooftops like this one—and hey, you may try it and think it's mediocre, but I—love—it. This balsamic glaze I am talking about is called Cucina Viva and you will be able to find it locally on the pristine shelves of Marczyks.  Recently, it's been on eggs, bruschetta and pizza, but I plan on getting a bit crazier with it as the days progress and we finally move into our apartment.  Almost two years of back and forth visits from Florida to Colorado, Colorado to Florida, too many plane rides to count, finally and happily, living out of suitcases are coming to an end and what I am most excited for is cooking in our kitchen with Dave, friends and family! So, be ready for a lot more foodie posts! And once all gets in order, so will the layout of recipes (most in which will be adapted from the amazingly talented food community I immerse myself in). But, some will be just like this—a mix of all my favorites things.  

RECIPE: Let's call this...

Balsamic glazed spring greens + basil with diced potatoes + poached eggs on toasted sourdough bread 

Seasoned Spring + Basil Greens: In a bowl,  mix together spring and basil greens, cooked diced potatoes, roasted garlic seasoning by Greenpoint Trading Co, drizzle olive oil and honey (just enough to lightly coat the greens). 

Eggs: Poach eggs however you see fit! I got the step by step from the Kitchn

Sourdough bread: Toast to your liking. 

Layer it up: Toast, spring and basil mix, poach eggs, seasoning with a little more roasted garlic seasoning, add shaved parmesan, romano, and asiago cheese, drizzle balsamic glaze on top! DONE! 

Tip: Any leftover greens make a little side salad!