"Just do it."

“Love yourself radically. Unapologetically. Drain the light from every room. In your veins runs stardust and galaxies and you were made for this.” - Unknown.

Lovin' this quote as I explore years of photos I managed to create.  

THOUGHTS:  You're always a photographer. You're whatever you want to be. It doesn't come overnight, though—it's years of trials and tribulations. It's years of fighting to give up while fighting to hold on. Nothing good ever comes easy. You aren't handed anything. You work every day at getting better. "You master your craft."  It's tiring, but it's worth it. I have no idea what tomorrow brings, but this photography thing...I'm bringing it with me and I plan on mastering it. Super deep, super cheesy—I know. But, if I can relay any sort of advice learned from my almost thirty years of life, it's this...do not give up on the things you love. Make it work. 

As Nike says it all too well, "just do it."