hatchery holiday shoot


After graduating college with my bachelors in Communications and Public Relations from West Virginia University, I began my career in sales, customer service and management at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. I was not the traditional hire—robotic and stiff, no, I came in with personality and energy.  Known as the “missing puzzle piece” to a tight-knit team of talented hospitality professionals, I progressed quickly to supervisor with my work ethic and determination to advance.  

Thereafter, I took a chance at pursuing a life-long passion of becoming a professional photographer and business owner.  Self-taught with no formal training, I quickly became confident, through practice and second-shooting for the best photographers, to begin commissioning weddings, family portraits, and sporting events.  What an experience! It was was the most incredible few years of my life—mixed with highs and lows—that I will never regret. It was truly the decision that acted as a spring board to push me in the direction I was meant to go in —the abrupt detour I needed.  

Interestingly enough, I noticed I advocated more for other people than myself. And decided to hang up my gear as a full-time photographer to work for a business district in a neighborhood that I grew to love—Coconut Grove.   I provided social media support and planned events to encourage visitors to choose Coconut Grove as a destination to stay, shop, and dine as well as encouraged locals to support the hundreds of businesses that were working so hard to create a vibrant and attractive place to live. With my desire and determination, I helped revitalize an 18-block business district and offered amenities to attract more people to visit the area, thus driving revenue for business owners. It was in my time in Coconut Grove that I found my calling—helping personal brands and brick and mortars follow their passion, pursue their dreams and find great success.  To me, there is nothing sadder in life (outside of not being with the ones you love) than not being able to pursue your dreams.

Then, came Hatchery, a company and culture that manifests everything I wanted to be apart of—a dream job to the highest power. Hatchery is a online Marketplace and subscription platform for curious home cooks to discover new and unique cooking ingredients made by artisan food makers across the country.  As an incubator for artisans to achieve success, Hatchery also provided tools, resources  and a platform to scale each maker's product and gain national exposure.  As Community Manager and the Influencer Marketing Manager, I built the Hatchery Tastemaker Program from the ground up.  I identified, recruited, on-boarded and managed our community of social influencers, bloggers and affiliates to build brand awareness and drive sales of the Hatchery Tasting Box and the expansive Marketplace.  Through social listening and research, in a year’s time, I have had the opportunity to work with the most passionate storytellers, ones that are living out their dreams and creating content, to in turn help our markers live our theirs. 

From where I stand, I recently moved from South Florida to Denver to further my skills and expertise in influencer marketing, community management, content content creation, media relations and brand partnerships.  I am seeking to join a company—where I am passionate about their mission, community and culture.